For Advisors Only:
How to Win and Keep HNW and UHNW Clients

Like everyone else, families of wealth have family problems. When those problems affect their assets—particularly assets that are or will be jointly held—you, as an advisor, can quite possibly be of service. This free ebook, Getting Started in Family Wealth Preservation Practices, will show you how.

If you are a trust officer, wealth manager, family office executive, private banker, attorney,
or other advisor to HNW or UHNW clients, here’s information you can use.

Traditional family wealth preservation practices such as financial education, Wealth Literacy, family dynamics, family governance, and succession planning are too complicated, costly, and intimidating for most advisors to engage in. (Most clients feel the same way!)

Meanwhile, those very practices can enable you and your organization to:

  • Understand all of the forces your clients face in planning their finances, retirement, asset sales, and legacies
  • Have a seat at the table when clients face major decisions and transitions
  • Forge closer relationships with clients and their family members and with other advisors
  • Differentiate your firm in an increasingly crowded, competitive, and commodified marketplace

Family Wealth Ways is here to help. This 15-page ebook will get you started

I’m Tom Gorman

The author of Family-Proof Your Wealth and founder of Family Wealth Ways. This complimentary ebook:

  • Identifies the main problems with family wealth preservation services today
  • Explains the potential benefits of offering these services at some level
  • Shows how to consider potential services and the business case for providing them
  • Takes you through a simple process for addressing marketing and delivery challenges

This no-nonsense guide will help you to quickly decide whether or not family wealth services might help your firm reach your goals for winning and retaining HNW and UHNW clients. If you already offer these services, it can help you to elevate your messaging and streamline your delivery.

Use this moment to take the first step toward improving your relationships, referrals, and retention rates among your most valued clients. Considering the investment (about 15 minutes of reading time), you owe it to your organization, your clients, and yourself.

Also, I will not flood your in-box with frequent “offers” and “news,” or share your information with anyone else. I have no interest in those tactics, and I dislike it when people use them on me.

I simply want you to consider whether some form of family wealth preservation practices may be a fit for you organization and client base.

Learn more about this exciting area of wealth management now!